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The institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies is offering to diverse clients to perform original and targeted LC-Mass based metabolomics analyses for different compounds in plants, animals and humans. The methods for plants are developed for the resurrection plant Haberlea rhodopensis Friv., where we have long lasting experience, and very successfully can be used for other plants with high burden of phenolic substances as well as for different agriculture plants. The IMBB also offers LC-Mass targeted investigations for biologically-active compounds in medical plants and high-value bioactive commodities (carotenoids, anthocyanes, flavonoids etc.) from agriculture plants.
  1. Workflow strategy for untargeted LC-hrMS/MS metabolomics in plants. One only platform will be used for complete metabolomics eliminating the need of GC-MS and Ion chromatography.
  2. Targeted study of nicotine and nicotine glucuronide as such or being part of different bigger forms or product of decomposition
  3. Targeted analysis of amino acids (>30) and small peptides in plant tissue. An economical, practical, fast and robust method for analysis of more than 28 amino acids and up to 100 amino acid derivatives.
  4. Targeted analysis of Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleobases (32 individual representatives). A simple fast and robust method for nucleobases, Nucleotides, nucleosides and their phosphate forms was developed. All analysts are analyzed in one only run with new HILIC technology.
  5. Targeted analysis for sugars in plant tissue (from 1 to 10 sugar units). One only method will be used, covering from mono saccharides up to 15 monomer oligo sugars in one run. Separation of isobars.
  6. Targeted and untargeted analysis of saponines in plant tissue, pharmaceutical forms and crude extracts. Ultrafast, ultra-informative, ultrasensitive ultra-robust method exploiting amidHILIC technology.
  7. Analysis of steroidal hormones in blood serum and plant tissue.
  8. Analysis of vitamins in blood serum and plant tissue (one analysis for water and fat soluble vitamins).
  9. Combined single analysis workflow for untargeted and targeted metabolomics and proteomics, incorporating innovative fractionation technology and Information dependent & Information independent instrumental setup for complete sample elucidation.