HEV detection

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Detection of Serum Antibodies against the Hepatitis E Virus

Hepatitis E is an emerging global disease, mainly transmitted via the faecal-oral route in developing countries, and in a zoonotic manner in the developed world. Pigs and wild boar constitute the primary Hepatitis E virus (HEV) zoonotic reservoir. Consumption of undercooked animal meat or direct contact with infected animals is the most common source of HEV infection in European countries.

We developed and optimized an EIA to detect HEV serum antibodies in pigs using the plant-derived HEV-3 ORF2 110-610_6his recombinant protein. We offer alternatives to the commercially available systems for diagnostic antigen production and production of a diagnostic test based on the plant-derived HEV-3 ORF2 proteins.

Services offered:

1.Testing pigs’ HEV seroprevalence

2. HEV-3 ORF2 recombinant protein production