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The rapid evolution of all sequencing technologies (Next Generation Sequencing, or NGS), has revolutionized metagenomics analysis.

Modern Metagenomics constitutes a state-of-the-art approach aiming to investigate the metabolic potential of microbial communities and provide a better understanding of microbial ecology, dynamics and potential interactions. With massive amount of NGS data, Metagenomics analysis can reveal the structural and functional repertoire of microbial communities.

For the analysis of metagenomics data, we the following workflow:

  • Data quality control – FastQC, Trimmomatic;
  • Data assembly into contigs or scaffolds – MEGAHIT metaSPAdes, ABySS;
  • Gene prediction and gene annotation – rpsBLAST;
  • Taxonomic analysis – Mothur;
  • Comparative analysis.

Additionally, we use automated pipelines such as web-based MG-RAST, MEGAN6 and GALAXY Metagenomics tools. We can provide graphical representation of the microbiome and metagenome.