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List of publications IMBB (2011-2023)


Baev V., Milev I., Naydenov M., Apostolova M., Minkov G., Minkov I., Yahubyan G. (2011) Implementation of a de novo genome-wide computational approach for updating Brachypodium miRNAs. Genomics. 97(5): 282-293. (IF 6.205)


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Zahmanova G., Mazalovska M., Takova K., Toneva V., Minkov I., Mardanova E., Ravin N., Lomonossoff G. (2020) Rapid high-yield transient expression of swine Hepatitis E ORF2 capsid proteins in Nicotiana benthamiana plants and production of chimeric Hepatitis E virus-like particles bearing the M2e influenza epitope. Plants. 9(1): 29. (IF 3.935).


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Zahmanova G., Mazalovska M., Takova K., Toneva V., Minkov I., Peyret H., Lomonossoff G. (2021) Efficient production of chimeric Hepatitis B virus-like particles bearing an epitope of Hepatitis E virus capsid by transient expression in Nicotiana benthamiana. Life. 11(1): 64. (IF 3.817)


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